ABOVEARTH embodies a solo artistic venture, where each piece is meticulously handcrafted—a deliberate and evolving artistic endeavor. As a self-taught artisan, this journey represents a continuous evolution and a commitment to the craft of handmade artistry.

My passion for jewelry making blossomed amidst my solo travels across the globe, notably during an immersive six-month stay in India, particularly in the vibrant city of Jaipur, acclaimed as "The City of Gemstones." The bustling marketplaces unveiled a sensory tapestry, revealing captivating arrays of stones and crystals, igniting my imagination. It was here that I pondered the transformation of these treasures into adornments for the human form.

India's raw and unfiltered essence, where authenticity reigns supreme, profoundly influenced my creative visions. I've made efforts to infuse these elements of raw beauty and inherent chaos into my jewellery pieces. Embracing raw, organic textures has become an intrinsic part of my artistic expression, offering solace and tranquility amid the creative process—a departure from the confines of perfectionism.

So I have attempted to incorporate these aspects of raw chaos yet 'effortlessly beautiful in its natural form' into my final pieces of jewelry. You may notice I use many raw organic textures in my work & That is just the way I like it. It allows me to feel a sensation of peace when I look at my work. It takes away the perfectionistic characteristics that sometimes battle off inside of my mind. I find peace here creating these treasures... I let go of all expectations & promise to recognise the beauty in its raw true natural form. 

& here is where the story continues.....