Kindly ensure your ring size accuracy before making a purchase. Ring sizes differ, and it's essential to find the right fit for your finger. I recommend verifying your ring size at a local jeweler for precision. Please note, refunds or returns due to incorrect ring sizes are not facilitated. Understanding your ring size significantly influences a successful ring purchase.
we do not accept exchanges.
All sales are final.
I am unable to assume responsibility for potential custom fees or charges incurred.
Please kindly take note of your country's customs policies prior to placing orders, as ABOVEARTH bears no responsibility for any customs fees or charges incurred. Regrettably, we are unable to issue refunds for any such fees paid.
- I am not responsible for any postal delays, damage or loss of items, if they are delivered to the incorrect address by the postal service or if they are stolen from the mailbox. This is a risk that must be considered when placing any order either locally or internationally. Items subject to such a situation will not be replaced or refunded under any circumstances due to the nature of this situation being out of my control.
- Please review & triple check your address is correct before checking out. This includes your full name, House/apt./unit Number, street name, suburb/town, state, postcode/zip code, & country. 
- I am not responsible for any typo errors on the address etc.  If you provide the wrong address and it isn't returned back to me it is most likely because it was delivered to the address you provided at checkout. 
- If the item is lost in transit no full refund will be given. However I will do my absolute personal best to contact the postal service & request for an insurance claim on your behalf. The total differs between each postal courier service depending on country.

Following your purchase of jewelry with precious gemstones, it's crucial to note that once the item is in your possession, any subsequent damages or breakages to the gemstones are not within my responsibility. I am unable to offer refunds or compensations for such occurrences.

Gemstones, owing to their diverse nature, exhibit varying degrees of durability. Some stones are inherently more delicate than others. For instance, opals, renowned for their exquisite beauty, possess a notably soft and fragile composition. Consequently, accidental knocks or contact with hard surfaces may lead to cracking or splitting.

It's imperative to exercise utmost care and caution when handling jewelry, especially pieces adorned with delicate gemstones. While I meticulously craft and design each piece, the nature of these gemstones renders them susceptible to damage beyond the point of sale.

Please be mindful of the unique characteristics of the gemstones in your jewelry collection. I advise handling them delicately and avoiding situations or activities that might endanger their integrity. Understanding and acknowledging the inherent nature of these stones is vital to preserving the longevity and beauty of your cherished jewelry pieces.



Kindly take note that each creation in my collection is meticulously crafted by hand, resulting in unique and individual pieces. The handmade nature of these items ensures that no two pieces are ever identical, imbuing them with distinctiveness and character.

Embracing raw and organic textures is an intentional aspect of my design philosophy. These textures are intrinsic to the craftsmanship and contribute to the inherent uniqueness of every piece. As such, variations in textures, shapes, and finishes are an inherent part of the design, adding depth and authenticity to each creation.

The artistry involved in handcrafting these items celebrates imperfections as a testament to the artisanal process. I take pride in the distinctive qualities of each piece, emphasizing their one-of-a-kind nature and the artistic nuances that set them apart.

Regrettably, I do not accept cancellations once an order has been placed and processed.
No returns or refunds are offered for change of mind.
We do not accept exchanges under any circumstances. All sales are final.